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Special Products & Finishes

Explore our specialized fabric categories tailored for specific industries:

Special Products & Finishes

UV Protection
Protect your skin from harmful UV rays with our high solar protection factor (SPF) fabrics. Ideal for sportswear, swimwear, beachwear, casual wear, tourism, and traveling.

Electric Arc
Ensure worker safety with flame-resistant protective clothing designed to protect against electric arc incidents. Suitable for industries such as protective clothing.

Flame Retardant
Safeguard against fire accidents with our flame retardant fabrics, compliant with ISO and NFPA certifications. Suitable for firefighters, industrial workers, welders, oil and gas field workers, emergency personnel, military, and the airline industry.

High Visibility
Enhance visibility and safety with high-reflective fabrics conforming to EN20471 standards. Suitable for security workers, police uniforms, warning clothing, protective clothing, and emergency workers.

Prevent static charges and discomfort with our antistatic fabrics suitable for grid stations, radio-active zones, clean rooms, oil and gas fields, and precious electronic storages.

Chemical Protection
Sarena provides a solution for hazardous chemical protection with its range of cotton and polyester-cotton blended fabrics. Industries dealing with strong acids, strong alkalis, and organic solvents can rely on these fabrics to shield workers from potential skin injuries. Our fabrics act as a barrier, preventing hazardous chemicals from penetrating and making contact with the skin, ensuring maximum safety for workers.

Water & Oil Repellent
Experience Sarena Textile’s smart water and oil repellent fabrics, crafted for comfort and durability. Eco-friendly and Oeko-Tex certified, they ensure a skin-friendly experience. Perfect for sportswear, leisure wear, uniforms, and workwear.

Discover our range of multi-functional fabrics combining various effects, including flame retardancy, chemical protection, high visibility, water and oil repellency, stain release, antistatic, anti-microbial, UV protection, and easy care.

Stain Release: Easily remove stains from oils, sauces, drinks, and more through ordinary washing procedures, maintaining the pristine appearance of fabrics.

Easy Care (Pre Cure): Reduce fabric wrinkling during washing and introduce wash and wear properties, making garment maintenance a breeze.

Easy Care (Post Cure): Create permanent press garments that retain their shape even after repeated laundering, saving valuable ironing time and energy.

Anti-Bacterial: Significantly reduce bacterial multiplication, keeping the fabric fresh and odor-free, promoting a hygienic wearing experience.

Shrink-proof: Fabrics maintain their original sizes throughout their lifecycle, preventing shrinkage or expansion during laundering.

Moisture Management: Facilitate the body’s natural cooling system by efficiently dissipating perspiration and quick drying, ensuring overall comfort.

3M Stain Release: Utilize advanced fluorocarbon C4 chemistry for excellent durable stain release, oil repellency, and water resistance.

Peaching / Emerizing / Brushing: Mechanical finishing techniques produce a soft handle and characteristic peach skin feel on fabric surfaces.

Industrial Laundering: Demand high color stability for workwear garment leasing business, ensuring garments retain their color memory even after 50 industrial launderings (ISO 15797) with minimal shade change.

Anti-Pilling: Ensure excellent pill-free appearance throughout the garment life with fabrics featuring superior pilling resistance.

High Abrasion Resistance: Crafted with the finest-grade fibers and expertly finished, these fabrics offer exceptional abrasion resistance, ideal for rough and tough industrial garment needs.