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Pioneer of PROBAN® in Pakistan


Transform Uniform with our smart textiles tailored for demanding industries. From construction to security, our fabrics offer durability, safety, and comfort, enhancing productivity in challenging environments.


Sarena Textiles pioneers textile innovation, offering fashion-forward fabrics that blend style seamlessly. From captivating patterns to sustainable accessories, our textiles redefine fashion with avant-garde apparel.

Sarena 360 – Italy

At Sarena Textile, sustainability is key. Introducing Sarena 360, our approach to creating durable and recyclable textile products.

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Versatile Textile Solution For Fashion and Uniforms

At Sarena, versatility is at the heart of our core values. As a vertical textiles’ entity, we excel in producing a wide array of cotton and cotton-blended fabrics, covering every aspect of the value chain. this vertical integration empowers us in our reach and development endeavors, enabling us to offer cutting-edge products.

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The Future of Textiles Working Process

Yarn Dying

Sarena Textile excels in yarn-dying expertise, ensuring top-quality results through rigorous testing and Italian machinery precision. Our in-house facilities prioritize sustainability, offering diverse dyed products customized for various applications


Discover a diverse range of fabrics tailored for military, fashion, and functional needs. From advanced Military Fabrics like IR controlled camouflage and durable Cordura options to stylish Fashion Fabrics including tops, shirting, jackets and bottom wear, we offer solutions for every requirement. Our Hi Vis Fabrics prioritize safety, while Functional Finishes and Health Care textiles ensure enhanced performance and hygiene.

Specialized Finishes

Discover our specialized fabrics: UV Protection, Flame Retardant, High Visibility, and more. From Anti-Static to Multi-Functional, discover advanced features for durability and comfort. Experience stain release, easy care, and industrial laundering for enhanced performance.

Apparel & Accessories

Sarena Apparel, established in 2013, leads in fashion, workwear, and medical assembly. Renowned for Proban fabric and armed forces' clothing, our ethical practices and innovation stand out. Explore our range, including Puffer Jackets, PPE Accessories, Sleeping bags, Rucksack backpacks and Hi-Altitude Arctic wear.

Sarena 360 - Italy

At Sarena Textile, we recognize the importance of sustainability in today’s corporate landscape. With a strong commitment to creating a more sustainable future, we are proud to introduce Sarena 360 – our holistic approach to sustainability.

Closing the loop beautifully

Adding Sarena 360 to widespread network of Sarena is another feather in our cap, the recycle plant is an important strategy to bring use of recycled and renewable materials. Which can reduce the need for virgin resources and minimize waste. Renewable materials, such as organic cotton, polyester and non-woven materials, reduce the environmental impact of textile production.

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Sarena textile

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