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Corporate Social Responsibility

In keeping with our stated goal to give back to the community which has given us so much over the years, our group of companies is a major donor for welfare projects which are being managed and actively run by the founding directors

  • – Sarena Textile Industries has constructed an in-house medical dispensary to provide basic medical facilities to its employees.
  • – We have our own psychologist available at Sarena to provide mental health support.
  • Our commitment extends to empowering our community and workforce through our cutting-edge training school. We impart comprehensive skills to every department, ensuring excellence in operations, setting industry standards. Dedicated to gender equality, we provide employment opportunities and valuable skills training specifically to female workers, fostering personal and professional growth. Through our training programs, we cultivate a culture of lifelong learning and empowerment, contributing to the growth of Pakistan’s garment industry and driving progress and prosperity.
  • Following are our water saving initiatives:
  • • Replacement of conventional washing systems with efficient washing machines
  • • Reuse of washing machines’ rinsing water from last compartment into the first one
  • • Reuse of mercerize machine drain water in the stabilizing compartment
  • • Reuse of RO reject water and CRP eject in Wet Scrubbers
  • • Reuse of roller cooling water in Wet Scrubbers
  • • Extensive R&D for product and process optimization
  • • 100 % Condensate recovery System


Revolutionize water usage with our innovative solution, reducing wastage and preserving our precious resources for a sustainable future, our water saving initiatives creates the following Impact.

  • – 35% water of our total water consumption is saved from these initiatives.
  • – This water Saving is enough to cater the domestic needs of 17,067 People Annually.

Green Initiatives:

Our green initiatives prioritize energy and water conservation through efficient systems, renewable sources, and responsible consumption, contributing to a sustainable future. By promoting eco-friendly practices, we aim to reduce our ecological footprint and protect the planet for generations to come.


Following are our energy saving Initiatives:

  • • Waste Heat Recovery Boilers on generators to recover waste heat
  • • Programmable Logic Controls (PLCs) and Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) on production machines
  • • Power factor improvement to reduce Transformer Losses
  • • Heat Exchangers on production machines to avoid energy losses
  • • Economizers on boilers to recover energy from waste flue gases
  • • Replacement of fluorescent lights with LEDs
  • • Installation of PID on compressor to reduce compressor losses.
  • • Replacement of existing motors with IE – 4 & IE-5 motors
  • • Installation of 2.3 MW Solar System to promote renewable energy usage.


Empowering a sustainable future, our energy-saving initiatives reduce our carbon footprint and pave the way for a greener tomorrow. With the help of our initiatives, we are able to create below mentioned impact.

  • 29 % energy of our total energy consumption is saved from these initiatives.
  • 45847 tons GHG is eliminated from systems by less energy consumption.
  • Energy saving from these initiatives is enough to light up 102,433 Houses Annually.
  • – Sarena Textile Industries provides a decent work environment for its workers, offering all legally mandated holidays, leaves, benefits, and bonuses. This includes official holidays, annual leaves, sick leaves, maternity leaves, social security, and old age benefits.
  • – We are Purchasing goods from various suppliers in the market contributing to economic growth.
  • – We have installed innovative technologies in our systems, including Programmable Logic Controls (PLCs) and Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) on production machines.
  • – Additionally, we have implemented Heat Exchangers on production machines to avoid energy losses and Waste Heat Recovery Boilers on generators to recover waste heat
  • Sarena Textile Industries has its own water treatment plant to treat water, ensuring that our wastewater does not harm life below water.
  • A responsible supply chain involves by meeting standards of GOTS, GRS, RCS OCS and environmental sustainability throughout the entire production and distribution process, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and socially responsible business operation.
  • Our waste is kept to a minimum and where possible all remaining packaging is re-used or recycled; these ideals are passed onto our supply chain. As a result of these measures significant amounts of waste have diverted from landfill.
  • We are actively planting trees and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from our systems through energy-efficient practices. These efforts are contributing to the improvement of life on land.

Additionally, the Sarena is also working to achieve Goal 13 (Climate Action) by reducing carbon emissions and promoting circular economy principles. As we are also the Signatory of Science Based Targets Initiatives (SBTIs) and soon we will submit our Targets.

A Sarena’s Sister Concern
Sarena Textile Industries is a chief patron of Zaman Foundation. We believe in empowering communities affected by disasters, which is why we started Zaman Foundation to provide essential resources and assistance. By focusing on rehabilitation, housing, clean water access, education, and healthcare, we aim to contribute to a more sustainable and equitable society. www.zamanfoundation.pk.

Despite Pakistan’s large school-going population, government funding for education remains minimal, with less than two percent of the budget allocated to this cause. Limited government schools result in many underprivileged families unable to access free education. Zaman Foundation, as Sarena’s sister concern, complements government efforts by providing financial assistance for quality education. Through tuition waivers and provision of books and supplies, we support primary and secondary school students. In the 2020/2021 academic year, Zaman Foundation assisted 1055 students in accessing education.

At Zaman Foundation’s Vocational Training Centre (VTC) in Hajikot, 28 young girls participated in a bespoke 6-month Stitching and Tailoring Certification Course. Our expert trainers imparted professional skills, empowering these girls to pursue careers in stitching and tailoring. A graduation ceremony celebrated their achievements, with four alumni securing jobs at partner organizations, earning up to PKR 30,000-35,000 per month. In communities like Hajikot, where cultural barriers hinder female employment, we strive to empower women, providing them with livelihood opportunities and fostering respect and dignity within their households and communities.

Pakistan faces a huge challenge with providing basic healthcare to its citizens. Although there are several hospitals in bigger cities, yet the general state and quality of public healthcare provided there remains poor. Likewise, basic health units in rural areas are limited and also difficult to access due to lack of transportation.

Acknowledging the challenges faced by the Government of Pakistan and a quick need of reformation of the public healthcare sector, Zaman Foundation started a comprehensive Healthcare Assistance Programme. Under this programme, underprivileged individuals and families are financially assisted in order to fulfil their healthcare needs pertaining to:

  • Medical Assistance

Zaman Foundation provides healthcare assistance to vulnerable population. We develop meaningful coalitions with doctors, hospitals and pharmacies to facilitate and deliver quality healthcare in the form of emergency care, effective vaccines, drugs, diagnostics, medical supplies, surgical interventions and procedures, and counselling – all at heavily discounted rates.

Zaman Foundation has a holistic approach towards healthcare. Our team ensures that all those in need of healthcare are facilitated to the best of our capacity.

  • Surgical Interventions

Zaman Foundation provides advocacy and surgical interventions to poor and under privileged patients who encounter a surgical emergency due to accidents, life-threating illnesses, acute appendicitis and others.

In addition to funding for surgical interventions, Zaman Foundation refers complicated cases to other surgeons and hospitals; and we ensure a sustained funding from pre-surgery to post-surgery stages.

  • Access Management

Zaman Foundation offers access management services to poor families, who are otherwise unaware of their options, to help them avail social welfare schemes by the government. Currently, we are offering access management for the government’s:

  • Sehat Sahulat Card
  • Social Security Card
  • Ehsaas Ration Programs.

Todate Zaman Foundation has facilitated thousands of people in obtaining the above cards which have assisted sick in availing free of cost services healthcare, social services and food to provide nourishment to individuals and their loved ones.

  • Mental Health & Drug Rehabilitation:

Zaman Foundation has partnered with The Genius, a leading drug rehabilitation facility in Lahore, to help individuals overcome drug addiction. We also provide counseling services to the families of addicts, recognizing their crucial role in the rehabilitation process. Currently, Zaman Foundation is covering the rehabilitation expenses of 12 patients, ensuring they receive the care and support they need.

  • Blood Screening:

Zaman Foundation is dedicated to providing healthcare services to as many people as possible. To ensure the well-being of all employees, we conduct blood screening exercises in all our corporate partner brands. Many of these employees, who come from low-income communities, have never donated blood or undergone blood screening. Through these exercises, we identify any health issues and provide medical assistance, including covering medical bills, through our partner hospitals and panel of doctors.

  • Eye Camps

In early 2018, Zaman Foundation collaborated with Dogar Welfare Trust to hold eye camps in poverty-stricken areas. The aim was to offer free eye checkups and treatments to those without access to hospitals. The camps, led by Dr. Khalid Dogar and his team of ophthalmologists, conducted 6 eye camps, performing 103 cataract operations and 2184 medical checkups.

Till date 95,000+ patients have been successfully treated through the Zaman Foundation Health Care Assistance Programme.

Zaman Foundation’s advanced water filtration plants provide clean, safe, and disease-free drinking water to local communities. Serving over 3000 households daily, these plants ensure the consumption of 6.5 million liters of clean water annually. Regular water testing is conducted to maintain high standards of water quality and safety. Our commitment extends to educating communities about the importance of clean water and sanitation. The systematic approach of Zaman Foundation ensures cost-efficient and sustainable water management.

In July 2021, Zaman Foundation established its first Reverse Osmosis Plant, sponsored by Ms. Shelale Abbasi as Sadaqah-e-Jaaria in memory of her husband, Falahuddin Abbasi. This plant utilizes advanced purification techniques to remove solid impurities, ensuring clean and safe drinking water. In 2020/2021, Zaman Foundation provided 6.5 million liters of clean water to poverty-stricken areas. The impact of these efforts is significant, with over 1.89 million liters of clean water benefiting 3000+ households across 3 cities from July to September 2021. To support our cause, visit www.zamanfoundation.pk.




  • Feel Empowerment
  • Buy what they need
  • Save up on time and transport costs
  • Boost the local muhalla’s economy

In response to Pakistan’s significant hunger challenges, Zaman Foundation initiated the “Dastarkhwan” project, providing a free meal every day to address food insecurity. This project aims to promote food security for the homeless and those unable to afford a meal. Two facilities, in collaboration with a small-scale restaurant, offer free dinners—one in Shahajamal and the other in Dharampura.

Zaman Foundation’s microfinance program offers interest-free loans to struggling families, individuals, and marginalized groups, particularly widows, orphans, minorities, and the disabled. With 90% of Pakistan’s population living below the poverty line, the lack of financial resources hinders access to basic necessities. These loans support various needs, including housing construction, business establishment, debt repayment, and children’s education fees.

This initiative aims to assist hardworking individuals facing financial hardships, enabling them to continue striving and positively contribute to society. Loans have been granted for housing construction, assisting with obtaining collateral and basic allowances for marriages, utility bill payments, one-time donation gifts like sewing machines and tool kits, and children’s education fees.


Over six years, Zaman Foundation has provided 1.2 million free meals. Regular assessments ensure the quality of food and the effectiveness of the program.

Zaman Foundation is a humanitarian aid organization, which has also carried out relief work for affected communities in event of any natural disaster. The inception of Zaman Foundation was right after the 2005 earthquake that shook the foundations of an entire province of Pakistan leaving half of its population as displaced persons.

Our managing director along with few of his friends took provisions from Lahore to be distributed amongst the victims. Furthermore, he with the help of the locals, rehabilitated a village in Azad Kashmir.

Zaman Foundation aspires to alleviate human suffering from far-flung areas. If you belong to a community from any remote of Pakistan and you are aware of a particular issue your community is facing, please reach out to us and let us help your community.

Join hands with us: https://www.zamanfoundation.pk/donate/.

Sab Saath, a project of Zaman Foundation, was born out of the urgent need during the COVID-19 pandemic in Pakistan. Co-founders Babar Rashid, Abdullah Khan, and Omar Badi-uz-Zaman, along with contributions from Sarfraz Niazi, envisioned a new kind of relief effort. Traditional organizations were unable to keep pace with the rapidly evolving crisis. Sab Saath emerged as a single platform uniting diverse organizations to efficiently deliver aid where it was most needed, providing immediate assistance faster than larger counterparts. Today, Sab Saath is a trusted platform for verified NGOs across Pakistan, coordinating relief efforts and making a meaningful impact. Join hands with us: https://www.sabsaath.org/ramazancampaign.
Efforts During COVID-19:
SARENA Takes CORONA Virus outbreak very Seriously. And many proactive measures have been taken to avoid its spread: Precautions:
  • • Every person was being tested for high temperature before entering in the facility.
  • • Screening was led by experienced and well-trained Dispenser using non-contact Thermometers.
  • • Before entering the facility Proper hand sanitization & Hand washing for 20 seconds was mandatory for every worker.
  • • Every person was obligated to pass through auto-operated showering gate. Necessary to disinfect cloths and uniforms.
  • • Every Inch of Sarena Textile Industries was being wiped clean regularly using disinfectant solutions
  • • Posters and flex were displayed throughout the facility that contain symptoms, precautions and information about CORONA Virus
  • • We formed a “Corona Help Desk” & Every person in the facility was regularly given training regarding CORONA Virus information & precautions
  • • Sub Saath response to Covid-19:
  • – 10,671 PPE suits distributed to doctors and front-line workers across Pakistan.
  • – 2,129 face shields distributed to doctors for free.
  • – 184 organizations covered in 51 cities.
  • • Full PPEs provided to our monitors & Workers at Sarena.
  • • A quarantined section was defined where CORONA Virus patients can be quarantined.
  • • Ambulance was available 24/7 to shift quarantined patients to Government CORONA Virus Treatment Facilities.
  • • We provided several hand wash basins throughout the production floors.
  • • Hand sanitizers were also provided in all areas of the facility.
  • • Steam basins were also provided. And workers frequently took steam to keep their respiratory tracks clean and moist
  • • Due to the shortage of masks in the market, In House Face masks were made in our apparel unit and delivered to workers as well as community.
  • • Protective suits & facemasks were made in our Apparel unit to support medical team’s country wide.
  • • Disposable glasses were provided to all workers
  • • Any instance of forced labour is unacceptable. Respect for human rights is inherent in how Sarena operates as a responsible business.
  • • We have received Appreciation letter from the local government on our commitment regarding compliances of Labour Laws in August, 2023.
  • • We purchase recycled yarn and recycle fabric and use it. We have certifications of Global Recycled Standard and Recycled Claim Standard for that.
  • • Sarena 360 – Italy (https://sarenapk.com/sarena-360/)