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Dyeing and Finishing

Welcome to Sarena Finishing, the pinnacle of innovation in smart textile products.

Dyeing and Finishing

Welcome to Sarena Finishing, the pinnacle of innovation in smart textile products. Since its inception in 1999, this unit has exemplified excellence in producing narrow-width apparel fabrics in Pakistan. Representing our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, Sarena Finishing stands tall with pride just outside Lahore.

Versatility in Fabric Handling:

Our Finishing unit is designed to be entirely versatile, capable of handling fabrics ranging from 20 grams per square meter to 450 grams per square meter in various forms, be it ready-to-dye, dyed, or printed. This flexibility enables us to meet diverse customer needs with precision and finesse.

European Machinery of Distinction:

Sarena Textile embraces only the finest machinery to deliver exceptional results. Our Finishing unit boasts state-of-the-art European equipment from renowned brands like Monforts, Bruckner, Parex, MS, Goller, Lafer, and more. This integration of advanced technology ensures unmatched performance and top-notch product quality throughout the finishing process.

Leading the Way in Sustainability:

As a pioneer in the textile industry, Sarena Textile is dedicated to sustainable practices. Our Finishing unit plays a significant role by generating its own power from clean, renewable bio-fuel, reducing our environmental impact without compromising on quality and efficiency. Rigorous wastewater treatment in our centralized plant ensures responsible waste management.

Quality Laboratory: Exemplifying Reliability and Authenticity

Sarena takes pride in maintaining an in-house quality assurance laboratory accredited by esteemed organizations like Bureau Veritas and Next. With ISO17025 accreditation, our commitment to excellence is reaffirmed annually. Our comprehensive documentation, adherence to SOPs, and precise test performances instill confidence in our customers, assuring them of dependable and authentic results.

At Sarena Textile, we seamlessly blend excellence in finishing operations with our dedication to sustainability and quality, redefining the future of smart textile products.